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Ryzer XL -Black Mat Polar3fx

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XL - FOR EXTRA LARGE PERFORMANCE Ryzer XL is larger than previous Ryzer which has broader line of sight with improved aerodynamics and greater protection from the elements such as wind, dust and rain. These sports glasses is equipped with the entire Rudy Project advanced technologies and ideal for cycling, mountain biking and triathlon. The adjustable temple tips and nosepads are perfect giving the wearer snug fit and ensure exceptional stability and comfort during sports activities.With Ryzer XL™ athletes are entirely free to customize their glasses for the best comfort, functionality and aesthetics. The innovative Flip Change, allows you to change lenses lenses and use the most suitable filter for the lighting conditions Ryzer XL™ is available in four attractive and functional versions. ImpactX™ Photochromic Multilaser Clear, ImpactX™ Photochromic Multilaser Racing Red which is good for low light and changing weather conditions, Polar3fx to eliminates glare and reflection, Mirrored lenses improved depth and perception. For those requires corrective solution, Ryzer X can be prescribed by using optical insert or direct prescription on the lens.