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Ryzer-Black Mat Polar3fx

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Ryzer™ is customisable sports glasses with an aggressive and attractive design. You can make your own stylish combination and have glasses that are always matching your clothing. 

The Flip Change Technology allows you to change lens quickly and easily in order to manage different light condition, Ryzer™ is available in 7 versions, equipped with different types of lenses: RP Optics™, the photochromic and polarized ImpactX™. ImpactX lenses are guaranteed not to break or crack and give the wearer exceptional visual clarity and comfort thanks to their transparency and superior optical quality makes it perfect for all your sporting activities. The adjustable Ergo IV™ nosepiece and the terminals of the 360-degree adjustable temples tips ensure perfect face fit. Ryzer is equipped with Safety Project system; sunglasses have no sharp edges and hinges that prevent injuries to the face in case of falls or knocks.