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Gozen-Matte Black-ImpactX Photo Polarized Grey

AGGRESSIVE LOOK,TECHNOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE, EXTREMELY CUSTOMIZABLE. “Technically cool”: two words that sum up the philosophy that has always characterized Rudy Project, and of which Gozen™ is the perfect expression. An aggressive look, sleek wraparound design and glamorous detailing, together with technological performance make Gozen™ eyewear fit for any occasion, both for sportswear or for free time. Gozen™ eyewear is particularly suited to mountain biking thanks to its lightweight and robust features which are indispensable for this activity. With its 360º adjustable temple tips, Gozen™ also guarantees maximum contact with your face and a perfect fit, basically so athletes won't lose their glasses or have to let go of the handlebars while cycling.Rudy Project has taken everything into consideration so as to always ensure top performance. In fact, Gozen™ can be used with a wide range of lenses, depending on light conditions. Fitting the lenses is quick and easy thanks to the cutting-edge “Flip Change Technology”, a system patented by Rudy Project that makes replacement a simple operation: just flip up the front insert, insert the lenses, and then close it with a simple motion. Gozen™ is available in a wide range of optical choices: polarized, photochromic polarized ImpactX, and Laser - Multilaser, perfect for mountain biking. The Multilaser lenses have been developed through a special process that imparts extremely subtle “mirrored” treatments to the surface of the lens, boosting resistance, guaranteeing optimum protection from the sun under all conditions, and providing an unquestionably aggressive look. To satisfy even the coolest athletes, Gozen™ comes in six color variations, all of them based on shiny-matte contrasts, and offered with matching lenses.