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Firebolt-*Black Gloss Polar3FX



Inspired by EkynoxSx, these new these new technical glasses from Rudy Project have been designed for athletes who need greater protection from the sun and other elements such as wind and dust, that cause irritation and dryness, or rain. Suitable for all kind of sports from cycling to triathlon, outdoor activities in general. The full rim structure ensures otal protection against the intense rays that come directly from the sun or reflective surfaces, like snow, sand and water.The Integrated air conditioning™ ventilation openings made in the lenses have been designed to avoid fogging. The quick change system allows the wearer to quickly change lens to adjust all lighting condition. The versions equipped with Photoclear™ photochromic lenses that automatically change shade are ideal for those who want versatile and practical eyewear providing excellent vision in every type of environment.

Those who seek top optical performance can choose Firebolt™ versions equipped with static RP Optics™ lenses developed specifically to provide clear vision and increase visual clarity in specific lighting conditions, as in the case of the latest Hi-contrast™ lenses optimized for outdoor activities. For those requires sight correction Firebolt can be fitted using optical insert and direct prescription on the lens.