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Danger can be right around the corner in training as well as in competition. Protect yourself with Rudy Project eyewear!


Safety Project is a unique Rudy Project feature that creates fold-in-hinge without any sharp edges. Designed to minimize injury in case of impact or falls.


Traditional lenses in CR39 or glass can break on impact, with very dangerous consequences for the eyes! With IMPACTX™, if the wearer falls or is hit, his eyes are safe. IMPACTX™ is stronger than any other lens material, guaranteed not to break or crack, even in complex rimless frame.


CR 39 / glass - polycarbonate lenses – IMPACTX™

Tailor-made IMPACTX™ formula for superior safety and unparalleled protection. IMPACTX™ impact resistance is higher than polycarbonate and passes all impact resistance standards. IMPACTX™ polymer has high thermal stability and is not subject to optical or mechanical distorsions, even when exposed to temperatures in excess of 80°. Unlike polycarbonate and polyamide, ImpactX™ is not attacked by common chemical or solvents (i.e. Acetone and methyl alcohol).